What will be the weather conditions on Bhai Tika Tomorrow?

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Bhai Tika weather
November 14, 2023

The Weather Forecasting Division of the Department of Water and Meteorology has indicated the likelihood of light snowfall in certain elevated regions and the Himalayan areas of the country due to the overall impact of western winds on the day of Bhai tika.

Pratibha Manandhar, a meteorologist in the division, reported that the weather is expected to be partially to generally clear in the hilly areas, with the rest of the country experiencing partly to generally clear conditions. Specifically, there’s a chance of light snowfall in select locations in the high hills and Himalayan regions of Koshi, Bagmati, and Gandaki provinces.

“Over the next two days, the weather nationwide will generally be clear, with hilly areas experiencing partly cloudy conditions and light snowfall in a few spots within the Koshi, Bagmati, and Gandaki regions. It appears that the weather will remain generally clear on the day of Bhaitika during Tihar,” mentioned meteorologist Manandhar. Despite the prevailing influence of western winds in Nepal, Manandhar clarified that it is not expected to develop into a rain system.

In the federal capital, Kathmandu, the weather is anticipated to be generally clear for the next two days. The surrounding hilly areas may see partly cloudy conditions, while the Terai region is expected to have clear weather. According to the weather forecast bulletin for tomorrow (29th Kartik), the hilly areas, including Koshi and Madhesh provinces, will experience generally clear weather. Additionally, there is a possibility of light snowfall in one or two locations in the high hills and Himalayan areas of Koshi, Bagmati, and Gandaki provinces. The department foresees a continuation of this weather pattern during the night as well.


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