Patan High Court Set to Deliver Verdict in Fake Bhutanese Refugee Identity Scandal Case

December 1, 2023
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Fake Bhutanese Refugee

The much-anticipated verdict in the case of the fake Bhutanese refugee identity scandal is expected to be delivered today by the Patan High Court. The conclusion of the appeal petition hearing for the accused individuals, who have been in custody pending trial, marks a significant development in this high-profile legal saga.

A bench comprised of Judges Prakash Kharel and Janak Pandey presided over the finalization of the proceedings on Thursday, bringing the case one step closer to resolution.

The initial decision by the Kathmandu District Court resulted in the pre-trial detention of prominent figures, including Nepali Congress leader Balkrishna Khand, CPN-UML leader Top Bahadur Rayamazhi, and former home secretary Teknarayan Pandey, along with 20 others. The charges against them revolve around their alleged involvement in facilitating the transportation of Nepali individuals to the United States by creating false Bhutanese refugee identities.

Responding to the district court’s ruling, the accused promptly filed an appeal with the Patan High Court. Thursday saw the conclusion of the appeal hearing, setting the stage for the final judgment scheduled to be delivered today.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the public awaits the outcome, eager to see how the Patan High Court will adjudicate this complex and controversial case.


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