Traffickers killed 2 rhinos in Chitwan National Park

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Chitwan National Park Rhino dead
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November 17, 2023

Chitwan National Park witnessed a heartbreaking incident as smugglers mercilessly killed two female one-horned rhinoceros just ahead of the Tihar festival. The gruesome act occurred at Chapparkhaeri, located in the eastern sector of the park, where rhino poachers targeted two innocent victims.

Ganesh Tiwari, the information officer of Chitwan National Park, disclosed that the smugglers executed their brutal act on an 18-year-old and a 5-year-old female rhinoceros. The assailants not only ended their lives but callously severed their horns and hooves, presumably for the illegal wildlife trade. The incident is believed to have taken place between a week and 10 days ago.

Tiwari explained that the poachers deployed a meticulous strategy, creating two separate pits and crossing them to reach the rhinos. The criminals succeeded in their nefarious plan by remaining undetected until after the deed was done. Astonishingly, the location of the crime is an area frequented by people, and it falls under regular army patrols.

Expressing concern, a conservation officer criticized the park administration for negligence, highlighting the absence of security patrols until the poachers had already set their traps, with no prior notification received.

In the 2015 census, Nepal recorded 645 one-horned rare rhinos, and by 2021, the number had increased by 107 to reach a total of 752. This recent incident serves as a harsh reminder of the ongoing challenges faced in protecting these endangered species from ruthless poachers.


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