Terai Madhes Gears Up for Chhath Festival

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Terai Chhath Festival
November 15, 2023

Preparations are underway for the Chhath festival in the Terai Madhes province, including the district of Dhanusha, following the conclusion of Deepawali, the festival of lights.

Local residents and organizations are actively involved in the beautification of various lakes and ponds in Janakpurdham as part of the lead-up to the Chhath festival. To facilitate the construction of Chhath ghats, the banks of ponds, lakes, and rivers are undergoing thorough cleaning.

Dr. Rajendra Bimal emphasized the special significance of the Chhath festival in the Tarai Madhes region. Notable water bodies such as Gangasagar Pond, Dhanush Sagar Pond, Argaja Pond, Maharasagar, Ratnasagar, Gordhoi, Aragajasar, Nocha Pokhari, Matkoraba Pokhari, and Dudhmati Ghat, along with the riverside areas, are receiving special decorations in Janakpurdham, the historic city of Mithilanchal.

With the growing number of Chhath celebrants each year, marketplaces are bustling with crowds purchasing necessary items for the festival. Local resident Prameshwar Saha noted a price increase in festival-related goods compared to previous years.

While the official date of the Chhath festival is November 19 this year, individuals observing the festival must commence associated rituals three days in advance.

Similarly, preparations for Chhath are in full swing in Birgunj. Lakes and ponds are undergoing special adornment to create Chhath ghats for the performance of various rituals and offerings associated with the festival. The cleaning and embellishment process extends to local landmarks such as Ghadiarba Pond, Nagawapokhari, Chhapakaiya Pokhari, Shreepur, and Ranighat Pond.


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