Supreme Court Revokes Release of Murder Convict ‘Regal’ Following Victim’s Plea

November 2, 2023
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The Supreme Court has made a decisive ruling to revoke the release of Yog Raj Dhakal, also known as Regal, who had previously been granted freedom despite being handed a life imprisonment sentence for murder.

Dhakal, one of 670 convicts granted clemency on Constitution Day, which occurred on October 19, had received this pardon on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers and with the approval of President Ramchandra Paudel.

Responding to a writ petition submitted by Bharati Sherpa Manandhar, the widow of Chetan Manandhar, who had been tragically murdered by Dhakal in 2015, a panel of judges comprising Justices Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada, Sapana Pradhan Malla, and Kumar Chudal has handed down a verdict ordering Dhakal’s immediate arrest.

The judicial panel concluded that the decision to grant clemency was not only legally unsound but also ran afoul of constitutional principles. In response to Bharati Sherpa’s writ petition, which was filed in the Supreme Court to challenge the Council of Ministers’ decision, Sherpa had been on a hunger strike since October 4 to emphasize the gravity of the matter.

The Supreme Court’s ruling emphasized the critical importance of obtaining the consent of the victim when considering the release of a prisoner.


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