Personal Secretary of Activist Durga Prasai arrested including other 15

November 28, 2023
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Durga Prasai arrested
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On Tuesday, authorities apprehended fifteen individuals, including the personal secretary of Durga Prasai, a medical entrepreneur and activist. The arrests are connected to allegations of violence against the police during a demonstration that took place in Gaushala on Monday.

Bina Yonjan Thapa, the personal secretary of Prasai, was among those detained, along with Shree Niwas Acharya, Yubina Shrestha, Sujan Khadka, Dipesh Khadka, Bhokraj Timilsina, Dipak Goswami, Devendra Karki, Bhuvan Pariyar, Yudnath Sigdel, Raju Tamang, Yubahadur Rijal, Meharman Basnet, Nikesh Bastola, and Hari Bishunke.

Prasai has been actively leading a ‘civil rescue campaign’ in Kathmandu since last Thursday.


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