Bollywood Veterans Rally Around Ailing Actor Junior Mehmood as Cancer Battle Takes a Grim Turn

Comedian Johnny Lever and Actor Raju Shrestha Extend Support Amidst Junior Mehmood's Health Struggles.
December 5, 2023
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Junior Mehmood

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, veteran Bollywood actor Naeem Sayyed, affectionately known as Junior Mehmood, is facing a fierce battle against stomach cancer. The grim news surfaced when fellow comedians and actors Johnny Lever and Raju Shrestha visited him to inquire about his health.

A viral video captured Johnny Lever’s concern-filled visit, shedding light on the gravity of Junior Mehmood’s condition. The support continued as critically acclaimed actor Raju Shrestha, also recognized as Master Raju, shared a poignant photo of their meeting, urging fans to join in prayer for Junior Mehmood’s well-being. The image swiftly went viral, drawing attention to the distressing state of the ailing star.

Master Raju, known for his stellar performances in iconic movies like “Chitchor,” “Kitaab,” and “Daag,” expressed his concern in a recent social media post. The visibly deteriorated health of Junior Mehmood is evident in the shared photo, accompanied by a plea from Master Raju: “Right now, I am with Junior Mahmoodji. He has stomach cancer. Please pray for him.”

The alarming revelation about Junior Mehmood’s health came to the forefront through a statement made by his friend, Salam Qazi, during a conversation with ANI. According to Qazi, the actor’s health started declining over the past two months, initially perceived as a minor issue. However, as Junior Mehmood’s weight continued to plummet, medical tests uncovered cancer in his lungs and liver, along with a tumor in the intestine and the onset of jaundice. Disturbingly, doctors have diagnosed his condition as fourth-stage cancer. At present, Junior Mehmood remains at home under medical observation.

Raju Shrestha, a National Award-winning actor for Best Child Artist in 1976, has actively supported Junior Mehmood during this challenging time. With a prolific career spanning over 150 films and television series, including the recent appearance in the drama series “Ziddi Dil Maane Na” on Sony Sab, Shrestha continues to be a respected figure in the industry.

As the Bollywood community unites in solidarity, the prayers and well-wishes of fans pour in for Junior Mehmood’s swift recovery, hoping for a miraculous turnaround in his health battle.

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