Nepal Press Council Takes a Stand Against YouTube Media Violations

December 4, 2023
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Press Council

The Press Council has taken decisive action, citing violations of the code of conduct involving the dissemination of baseless rumors, sensationalized headlines, misleading information to the public, endorsement of corruption and superstition, and the circulation of explicit and unlimited content.

In an official statement issued by Ramsharan Bohra, Co-Administrative Officer of the Council, it was disclosed that communication has been forwarded to the Nepal Police (Cyber ​​Bureau) for a thorough investigation and appropriate measures against content shared through non-affiliated social media channels, particularly YouTube channels. For those operating within the realm of traditional media, the statement outlines that due process has been initiated by the provisions of the journalist code of conduct.

This move comes after the council, on Mangsir 8, directed 17 media outlets, including those on YouTube, to explain within 24 hours. The directive alleged that these outlets had disseminated material that induced fear and terror among the public while operating under the guise of media coverage.

Furthermore, the council has issued a plea to media organizations, journalists, media personnel, and social media users to abstain from sharing content that promotes violence, terrorism, conflict, sponsors fosters hate speech, or intrudes upon personal privacy. The appeal reflects the council’s commitment to maintaining ethical standards and responsible communication within the media landscape.


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