Nepali Student Bipin Joshi Unreleased as Hamas Frees Others in Israel Exchange

Efforts by the Nepali government, including diplomatic initiatives, are ongoing.
November 26, 2023
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Bipin Joshi Hamas

In the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Nepali student Bipin Joshi remains unreleased as Hamas releases hostages in a prisoner exchange. Efforts by the Nepali government for Joshi’s release continue amid diplomatic initiatives. Stay updated on the evolving situation in this humanitarian crisis.

Hamas, designated as a terrorist organization by multiple countries, including the United States, Israel, and the European Union, released 17 individuals, but Bipin Joshi of Nepal was not among those freed.

The exchange involved the release of 13 Israelis and 4 Thai citizens by Hamas, with Israel releasing 39 Palestinians, including 6 women and several individuals under the age of 18. Mediated by Qatar, this exchange occurred during a four-day temporary ceasefire.

Efforts by the Nepali government, including diplomatic initiatives, are ongoing for the release of Bipin Joshi, who was among the hostages taken by Hamas in the attack on Israel. The situation remains uncertain, and officials are awaiting updates.


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