Nepali Murder Suspect Apprehended in Malaysia: Faces Prosecution in Nepal

December 18, 2023
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Nepali Murder Malaysia

In a recent development, Malaysian authorities have successfully apprehended Anil Kumar Shah, a Nepali worker accused of murdering his colleague, Dhan Bahadur Pradhan. The incident occurred on December 11, and Shah has been on the run since then.

Nepal Police Spokesperson and Deputy Inspector General, Kuber Kadayat, confirmed the arrest of Anil Kumar Shah, a resident of Gaushala, Mahottari. The arrest was made after receiving information about Shah’s involvement in the alleged murder of Dhan Bahadur Pradhan.

After committing the crime, Shah had fled to Nepal. However, with the cooperation of Malaysian and Nepalese authorities, he was located and arrested. The motive behind the murder remains undisclosed as investigations are ongoing.

Upon his return to Nepal, Shah will face prosecution for the charges related to the alleged murder. Nepal Police are coordinating with their Malaysian counterparts to ensure a smooth legal process.

The arrest underscores the commitment of law enforcement agencies in both countries to bring justice in cases involving Nepali citizens abroad. The cooperation between Malaysian and Nepalese authorities highlights the international collaboration in dealing with cross-border crimes and ensuring that individuals accused of serious offenses face the legal consequences of their actions.


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