Nepal vs Oman: Will T20 World Cup Qualifier title match Telecast Today?

The eagerly anticipated final is scheduled to commence at 11 a.m..
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Nepal vs Oman Will T20 World Cup
November 5, 2023

Kirtipur, Nepal – The Big battle begins today, with the host nation, Nepal, and Oman facing off in the final of the Asian region qualifiers for the ICC T20 World Cup. Both teams have already secured their spots in next year’s T20 World Cup in the West Indies and America, making this final a battle for regional supremacy.

The eagerly anticipated final is scheduled to commence at 11 a.m. local time at the TU International Cricket Ground in Kirtipur.

In the semifinals held on Friday, Nepal triumphed over the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with an emphatic 8-wicket victory, while Oman crushed Bahrain with a dominant 10-wicket win, solidifying their places in the T20 World Cup. A total of 20 teams will compete in the global tournament next June.

Unlike previous years with global qualifiers, this time only two teams from Asia had the opportunity to secure a place in the T20 World Cup. As a result, the finalists emerging from the Asia Qualifier semis were chosen to represent the region.

In the global qualifiers of the T20 World Cup held in Oman last year, both Nepal and Oman faced disappointment as they failed to secure a World Cup berth after losing in the semifinals.

Nepal seized sweet revenge for their previous year’s semifinal defeat against UAE, ensuring their World Cup journey starts from their home ground. Nepal, who participated in the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh in 2014, has earned a ticket to the World Cup once again after a decade. Oman, on the other hand, is making its T20 World Cup return since 2021.

During the Asia selection, Nepal and Oman found themselves in the same group. In an enthralling match in Group A, Oman narrowly defeated Nepal by a mere 5 runs. Nepal’s pursuit of Oman’s target of 146 runs was in vain, as they lost all their wickets in 20 overs, managing only 140 runs during the match held at the University Ground.

Oman has remained undefeated on their path to the final, while Nepal faced just one defeat, which was against Oman. Both Nepal and Oman convincingly defeated Singapore and Malaysia during the group stage.

With their World Cup tickets secured, the final carries less pressure for both Nepal and Oman. Nonetheless, both teams are eager to display their prowess and end the Asia Qualifier on a triumphant note.

This final also presents Nepal with an opportunity to become champions by avenging their previous group stage loss to Oman, right in front of their passionate home supporters.

Furthermore, after their defeat against Oman in the group stage, Nepal’s semi-final against UAE at Mulpani Cricket Ground only accommodated 3,500 spectators. However, thousands of eager fans watched Nepal’s World Cup qualification from the rooftops of nearby houses.

Fans who missed the semi-final action are now eagerly anticipating the final match at TU Ground.

Nepal Holds Edge in T20I History

So far, Nepal has maintained an advantage in the T20I encounters between Nepal and Oman. In the five T20I matches played between these two teams, Nepal has clinched victory in three matches, while Oman has managed two wins. Remarkably, all three matches in 2022 were held in Oman, and Nepal secured wins in all of them.

In the ICC T20 World Cup Global Qualifiers last year, the two teams met in the same group, where Nepal prevailed over Oman by 39 runs during the group stage. Although both teams were defeated in the semi-finals and missed a World Cup berth, they faced each other once again for the third-place match. Nepal secured an easy 9-wicket victory over Oman.

In the lead-up to the World Cup qualifiers, Nepal won by 6 wickets when these teams clashed in a four-nation T20 series.

During the pentagonal T20 series featuring five nations in Oman in 2019, Nepal did face a defeat against Oman, losing by 6 wickets. The history between these two teams adds an extra layer of anticipation to their impending clash in the T20 World Cup qualifier final.

How to Watch Nepal vs. Oman Final Match Live?

For those eager to witness the Nepal vs. Oman Final Match in real-time, there are several convenient viewing choices at your disposal. You can opt for the official broadcaster, Kantipur TV, to catch the live action. Alternatively, if you prefer the electrifying atmosphere of the stadium, you can be present at the Kirtipur TU Ground to watch the match in person. For online enthusiasts, the official Kantipur TV website offers a live stream of the game. The match is scheduled to commence at 11 AM today, providing you with the freedom to select your preferred mode of viewing – whether it be via television, online streaming, or immersing yourself in the live stadium experience.

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