Crucial Wickets Taken by Nepal in T20 World Cup Qualifier Against UAE

Khalid Shah was unfortunate to be run out by Sompal Kami.
November 3, 2023
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T20 World Cup

In the T-20 World Cup qualifying match, the UAE’s Nepal managed to secure two crucial wickets in a single over. Sompal Kami, the talented bowler, was responsible for the dismissals of Captain Mohammad Wasim and fellow opener Khalid Shah.

Khalid Shah was unfortunate to be run out by Sompal Kami’s swift fielding skills, while Mohammad Wasim was caught out by Karan KC, contributing to Nepal’s early breakthroughs.

The match is currently in progress at the Mulpani ground, and the stakes are high. The victorious team in this contest will earn a coveted spot in the T20 World Cup scheduled for the next year in the West Indies and the United States. As a result, this match holds immense significance for both competing teams.

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