Nepal Government to Shut down TikTok Operations

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TikTok Nepal
November 13, 2023

The Nepal government has unequivocally declared its decision to Shut down the operation of the widely used Chinese app TikTok within the nation.

According to Rekha Sharma, the government’s spokesperson and Minister of Communication and Information Technology, the determination to shut down TikTok was made during today’s cabinet meeting.

Minister Sharma elucidated the reasoning behind this action, stating, “The cabinet meeting held today concluded to discontinue TikTok due to concerns about its impact on social harmony.”

Emphasizing the immediacy of the decision, Minister Sharma assured, “Although the technical aspects of shutting down TikTok may require some time for finalization, the decision itself is effective immediately.” She further added that the Ministry of Communications would oversee the closure process, coordinating the necessary measures to ensure a seamless cessation of TikTok operations within Nepal.

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