Nepal Government Announces Prohibition of Strikes in Vital Service Sectors

December 16, 2023
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Nepal Government

The government has officially released a public statement outlining the sectors in which service strikes are forbidden.

In an announcement featured in the Gazette on Thursday, the Home Ministry detailed specific regions where strikes are restricted under the Essential Services Operation Act, 2014, Section 3(1).

Under this directive, the government has mandated the prohibition of strikes in critical services such as telephone services, postal services, governmental printing presses, banking services, electricity supply, and consular departments within designated areas. Internet services in these specified regions are also included in the prohibition.

Moreover, the directive explicitly states that interruptions to operations at airfields, railway stations, and government warehouses involved in the storage, distribution, and dispatch of goods, as well as the production, storage, and distribution of military equipment or any defense-related services by the Nepal government, are strictly forbidden.

According to information published in the Gazette, strikes are strictly prohibited in services related to postal and telephone communications, waterways for passenger or freight transport, airport maintenance and operations, internal security, and the production and distribution of military equipment.

Likewise, the directive extends the prohibition of strikes to sectors encompassing tourism accommodations, motels, hotels, restaurants, resorts, internal security, and the production and distribution of any military equipment.


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