Morang Byapar Sangh to host EXPO 2023 in Biratnagar

November 27, 2023
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Byapar Sangh

The Morang Trade Association (Byapar Sangh) is set to host EXPO 2023 in Biratnagar, spanning from the 6th to the 16th of Poush.

During a press briefing in Biratnagar on Monday, the association disclosed details about the upcoming international exhibition, focusing on agriculture, tourism, and industry. Naveen Rijal, the Chairman of the Morang Trade Association, emphasized in the press conference that the exhibition would play a vital role in sustaining the market, even under challenging circumstances.

Chairman Rijal outlined the primary objectives behind organizing the expo, which include showcasing the application of cutting-edge technology in the industrial sector, promoting the commercialization of agriculture, and fostering stronger relationships between producers and consumers.

He further revealed that the exhibition anticipates drawing the attention of approximately 400,000 spectators, contributing to a business turnover of around 150 million rupees. The press conference highlighted the diverse range of exhibitors, with 250 stalls featuring agricultural products, animal husbandry, automobiles, science and technology, industrial goods, and more. The 10-day international exhibition aims to provide a comprehensive platform for showcasing advancements and facilitating interactions within these sectors.


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