Jajarkot Earthquake Survivors Struggle Against Bitter Cold

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Jajarkot Earthquake
November 20, 2023

The intense cold in Jajarkot has claimed the lives of seven earthquake survivors thus far.

On Sunday morning, Bishnu Kumari Khatri, 70, of Nalagad-8, who had been hurt in the earthquake, passed away.

Since the earthquake, Khatri has been living outside beneath a tarpaulin sheet and the open sky. While being taken to the closest medical facility for treatment, the elderly woman passed away.

The intense cold last Saturday claimed the lives of three Jajarkot earthquake survivors. Significant property and human casualties were caused by the 6.4-magnitude earthquake that struck the Jajarkot and Rukum West districts, with its epicenter located in Ramidanda.

The deceased have been named as Mansari Kami, 56, of Chhedagad Municipality-13, Sugili Nepali, 89, of Junichande Rural Municipality-4, and Dume Pun, 70, of Barekot Rural Municipality-1.

Over 34,000 households in Jajarkot are reportedly living in tents at the moment because the earthquake demolished their homes.

Vulnerable populations, including children, seniors who are more sensitive to the cold, people with chronic illnesses, and new moms, are being disproportionately affected by the unfavorable living conditions.


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