Instagram Pioneers Collaborative Feature Allowing Friends to Enhance Your Posts

Feature that will empower your friends to contribute photos to your posts.

In an exciting development, Instagram, which is now a part of Meta Platforms, is piloting a groundbreaking collaborative feature that will empower your friends to contribute photos to your posts. Instagram’s Head, Adam Mosseri, unveiled this innovative feature through his broadcast channel.

Mosseri disclosed, “New test on Instagram. We just started testing a new way to invite friends to join in on your feed posts. Before posting a carousel, you can turn on the ability for your followers to submit photos and/or videos, which you can approve to add to the post.”

This novel addition to the platform enables users, while preparing to share their photos on their profiles, to choose whether they want to grant their followers the opportunity to submit their photos and videos for inclusion.

It’s important to note that the submissions won’t automatically populate your post. Each photo and video will necessitate your approval before being integrated. Mosseri even shared a screenshot of the feature, highlighting the “add to post” button, strategically positioned in the bottom-left corner, facilitating the seamless inclusion of approved content.

Simultaneously, Instagram is also venturing into uncharted territory with another captivating feature. This forthcoming addition will allow users to update their profile picture with a short or looping video embedded in “Notes.”

Mosseri offered insight into this upcoming feature by stating, “Soon, people will be able to update their default profile photo in notes with a short, looping video. You’ll still be able to share a thought via text to accompany the video. If you start seeing videos in notes, let us know what you think.”

According to the demo video, a new camera icon will be introduced when users embark on creating a note, affording them the opportunity to record a video to enhance their Notes. This promising development is poised to elevate user engagement and the visual appeal of Instagram profiles.

Instagram’s commitment to constantly innovating and enhancing user experiences is evident in these latest feature tests. With the ability to curate and enrich posts through collaboration and the opportunity to infuse profile pictures with dynamic videos, Instagram is poised to take user interaction to the next level. Users can look forward to experiencing these enhancements in the near future as Instagram continues to evolve under the Meta banner.


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