Gagan Thapa Criticizes Government’s TikTok Ban, Calls for Reconsideration

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Gagan Thapa TikTok
November 13, 2023

Gagan Thapa, the General Secretary of the Nepali Congress, has expressed strong criticism regarding the government’s decision to ban the popular social networking platform TikTok.

Thapa voiced his disapproval of the immediate prohibition of TikTok in Nepal, stating that the decision, made during today’s cabinet meeting, adversely affects social harmony and the overall social environment.

Using social media as a platform to convey his reaction, General Secretary Thapa remarked, “While regulation is essential to prevent the misuse of social media, completely shutting down social networks under the guise of regulation is fundamentally misguided.”

He emphasized that the core issue is not just about whether a social network should be closed but centers around the government’s underlying motives. Thapa pointed out that the government’s actions seem directed at curbing expression and personal freedom.

“The government should reconsider its course of action and amend its approach, as it appears to be undermining the principles of free expression and individual liberties,” urged General Secretary Thapa.


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