Earthquake Dmages 61 Schools in Rukum West

November 10, 2023
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Earthquake Rukum West

In a devastating turn of events, the powerful earthquake that shook Rukum West on November 3 has left a trail of destruction in Athabiskot Municipality, severely impacting 61 schools in the region.

The educational infrastructure in Athabiskot municipality has taken a severe hit, with over 100 buildings within these schools reduced to rubble. The aftermath of the earthquake reveals a grim picture, with 63 buildings completely destroyed, and an additional 18 suffering partial damage across the district’s schools.

The destructive force of the earthquake extended beyond the classrooms, affecting crucial facilities such as 13 toilets and causing erosion of school walls and fields. The scale of the disaster is particularly evident in Athabiskot municipality, where 33 schools, including prominent institutions like Jana Bikash High School, Ardasha High School, Nepal Rastriya High School, Kalika High School, Gorakhnath School, and others, have witnessed physical devastation.

The Saraswati Education Development and Coordination Unit Rukumpaschim reported significant damage to key schools like Athabiskot School, Brahmadevi Primary School, Mastakailash Primary School, and many more.

Tribeni Rural Municipality faced the impact with three schools—Himalaya Janata High School, Balbodh School, and Janapriya High School—all experiencing complete or partial damage.

Sani Bheri Rural Municipality bore the brunt with 16 community schools affected, including Janakalyan High School, Sheetal High School, Baljyoti High School, and others.

In Musikot municipality, four schools, namely Prabhat High School, Janakalyan High School, Musikot Khalanga Campus, and Laxmi High School, reported structural damage.

Banfikot Rural Municipality faced damage to Child Development Basic School Badagaon, while Chaurjahari Municipality witnessed the destruction of three schools—Public Welfare School, Aishwarya School, and Public Secondary School.

The aftermath of this natural disaster has not only disrupted the education of countless students but has also dealt a severe blow to the communities that relied on these educational institutions. Authorities are now grappling with the daunting task of rebuilding and restoring normalcy to the affected areas, while the residents are left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.


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