Dilli Ram Khanal Arrested for Alleged Anti-Nepali Army Content on Social Media

The Cyber Bureau of the Nepal Police apprehended him.
October 31, 2023
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Dilli Ram Khanal
Photo: NepalPress

In a recent development, the Nepali police have taken Dilli Ram Khanal into custody on charges of disseminating content deemed as promoting animosity towards the Nepali Army via social media.

Hailing from Jhapa, Khanal has been attracting considerable attention for his incendiary expressions on various social media platforms. The Cyber Bureau of the Nepal Police apprehended him in response to information provided by the Army, under the Electronic Transactions Act of 2063.

Deputy Director of the Cyber Bureau, Pashupati Kumar Rai, revealed that Khanal’s arrest was a result of an ongoing investigation. Moreover, the District Court in Kathmandu has granted authorization to detain Khanal for a period of seven days to facilitate this investigation. However, Rai refrained from disclosing the specifics of the content Khanal had allegedly posted about the army.


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