CPN-UML’s Central Committee Gathers Ahead of Youth-Led Demonstration in Kathmandu

Durga Prasai's three-day demonstration, backed by a 5,000-strong force to counter interference.
November 22, 2023
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On the eve of a significant demonstration organized by Yuwa Sangh, the youth organization affiliated with the CPN-UML party, a meeting of the party’s Central Committee is currently underway in Kathmandu.

Led by Mahesh Basnet, Yuwa Sangh is orchestrating a “massive demonstration” scheduled for November 23 (tomorrow) in the capital city. The demonstration is a response to a protest program announced by Durga Prasai, adding a layer of tension to the political atmosphere.

The heightened attention surrounding the UML meeting is attributed to the anticipation surrounding the presentation by party Chairman KP Oli and the impending youth-led demonstration. While the UML has officially characterized Wednesday’s meeting as routine and pre-planned, there is acknowledgment from senior leaders of the possibility of discussions pertaining to the November 23 demonstration during the proceedings.

Durga Prasai’s three-day demonstration, backed by a 5,000-strong force to counter interference, is expected to significantly impact the political landscape, introducing an element of tension.

Bishnu Rizal, a member of the UML Central Committee, emphasized that the meeting would delve into the Madhyapahadi Lokmarg-focused campaign (mid-hill), with a particular focus on promoting social harmony and national unity within the party.

Rizal stated, “There will be a discussion about the preparation of the campaign for prosperity, which the party has launched from Jhulaghat to Chiwabhanjyang under the Madhyapahari Lokmarg.”

The meeting is anticipated to conclude today, addressing key party matters against the backdrop of both internal discussions and the external political landscape.


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