Cargo Ship Sinks off Lesbos, Greece in Severe Storm

November 26, 2023
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Greece ship sink
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A tragic incident unfolded in the waters of Greece as a Comoros-flagged cargo ship, carrying 14 passengers, succumbed to the fury of storms near the island of Lesbos, as reported by the Greek coast guard on Sunday. State television revealed that a navy helicopter successfully rescued one crew member.

The rescue efforts were extensive, involving five cargo ships, three coast guard vessels, an air force, and navy helicopters, along with the deployment of a navy frigate. The Athens News Agency (ANA) conveyed that the ill-fated cargo ship, laden with salt, sank approximately 8.3 kilometers southwest of Lesbos, plunging into the depths of the sea.

The cargo ship had embarked on its journey from Egypt bound for Istanbul, with a crew comprising two Syrians, four Indians, and eight Egyptians. According to ANA, the distressing incident occurred on Sunday morning amidst adverse weather conditions, with wind speeds reaching 9 to 10 on the Beaufort scale, signifying a severe storm of hurricane force. Reports indicate that several ports in Greece had ships in dock as the tempest raged.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, the Hellenic National Meteorological Service (EMY) heightened the emergency weather warning from ‘bad weather’ to a ‘dangerous weather event’ on Saturday. This precautionary measure was prompted by the approach of Hurricane Oliver from the Adriatic Sea towards Greece. As the nation grapples with this maritime tragedy, the focus remains on the ongoing rescue operations and the well-being of those affected by this unfortunate event.


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