Brand Assets

Welcome to Scrilnow’s Brand Assets page. These guidelines and resources will help you maintain the consistent and appropriate use of our brand assets for a powerful and memorable brand identity.

1. Logo:

  • Scrilnow Logo: Our logo is the visual representation of our brand. Please use the provided logo files for both print and digital media. Never alter the logo or its colors.

2. Color Palette:

  • Primary Colors:
  • #FF001F (Red): Our primary color represents our brand’s energy and passion.
  • #003893 (Blue): This secondary color complements our primary red and enhances the visual appeal of our brand.

3. Typography:

  • Font: We use the “Abril Fatface” font for our brand identity. It adds a bold and distinctive touch to our content and design.

4. Usage Guidelines:

  • Maintain clear space around the logo for visibility and legibility.
  • Do not modify the logo or its colors.
  • Avoid placing the logo over busy or conflicting backgrounds.
  • Always use high-resolution logo files for the best quality.

5. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or need specific brand assets, please reach out to us at:

Thank you for using Scrilnow’s brand assets. Consistency in branding is essential for building a strong and recognizable brand image.