Activist Iih to Stand in Protest for 108 Hours Against Lalitpur’s Street Vendor Ban

December 12, 2023
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Activist Iih

Activist Iih has announced a 108-hour stand-in protest in front of the Lalitpur Metropolitan City office starting from 3 pm on Wednesday, December 13th. This action is taken in protest of the city’s recent ban on street vendors operating on the Mangalbajar-Lagankhel road.

Iih is no stranger to activism on behalf of street vendors. He previously garnered attention for a 199-hour stand-in protest outside the Kathmandu Metropolitan City office, demanding accountability for the city’s alleged inhumane treatment of street vendors.

In a statement announcing his latest protest, Iih condemned the Lalitpur Metropolitan City’s decision, stating, “This ban will have a devastating impact on the livelihoods of countless street vendors and their families. Many of them rely on their income from selling on this road to survive.”

He further urged the metropolis to reconsider the ban, particularly its restriction on vendors during mornings and evenings, when customer traffic is highest. Iih argues that alternatives can be found to address concerns about congestion and safety without resorting to a complete ban.

Iih’s 108-hour protest is a significant act of defiance, drawing attention to the plight of street vendors in Nepal and challenging the city’s decision. It remains to be seen whether his efforts will succeed in convincing the Lalitpur Metropolitan City to reverse its ban on street vendors.


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