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Scrilnow is your premier source for informed insights, offering a diverse and dynamic range of news and coverage. As a subsidiary of Niriv Corporation Pvt Ltd, we are headquartered in Biratchowk, Morang, Nepal, and our mission is to provide comprehensive coverage of events and developments, both within Nepal and on a global scale.

ScrilNow is a Part of Niriv Corporation Pvt Ltd: Niriv is an internet company with a robust Search Engine and Media Network, serving as the parent company to various Content Media Networks and Digital Services brands. In addition to its search capabilities, Niriv is actively developing services such as News, Maps, Email, Social Networks, and more, all integrated into a unified network. Niriv is pioneering a new ecosystem for Nepalese homemade internet services, aiming to provide a comprehensive hub for user needs.

Our Coverage

Scrilnow is your go-to destination for comprehensive coverage of news, both from within Nepal and across the world. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest updates and insights on a diverse range of topics, including:

1. National and International News:

  • Stay informed about the most significant events and developments in Nepal and around the world.

2. Entertainment Sector:

  • Dive into the vibrant world of Indian and global entertainment. Get the inside scoop on the latest movies, music, celebrity news, and more.

3. Sports News:

  • We cover a wide array of sports, from the Premier League, Champions League, Major League Soccer, and Saudi Pro League, to esports, and beyond. Whether you’re a football fanatic or an esports enthusiast, we’ve got you covered.

4. Finance and Business World:

  • Stay ahead in the financial world with our comprehensive coverage of financial news, market trends, and business insights.

5. Technology News:

  • Get the lowdown on the latest technological advancements, social media trends, and internet happenings.

6. Science and Space:

  • Explore the fascinating realms of science and space with our in-depth articles on the latest developments in these fields, including astronomical discoveries and groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs.

Our Team

At the heart of Scrilnow is our dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about delivering high-quality journalism. Our core team includes:

  • Yukesh Chaudhary: Founder and Chief Editor of the publication. Yukesh’s vision and leadership drive the excellence of Scrilnow.

Our talented writers, including:

  • Aditya Chaudhary
  • Abhinash Chaudhary
  • Yashoda Chaudhary
  • And more guest and other publication writers, who contribute their expertise and unique perspectives to ensure our readers receive the best content.

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We value your feedback and inquiries. You can reach out to us at the following addresses:

Thank you for choosing Scrilnow as your source of news and information. We are dedicated to keeping you well-informed on the topics that matter most to you. Stay with us for the latest news, in-depth features, and insightful analyses from Nepal, the world, and beyond.