8500 Palestinians killed in Gaza by Israeli attack

Israel has also witnessed significant casualties.
October 30, 2023
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Recent international media reports have shed light on the tragic toll of the Israeli-Gaza conflict, with the loss of life reaching alarming figures. According to Al Jazeera, the Palestinian death toll in Gaza has surged to at least 8,500 since the conflict intensified on October 7. Simultaneously, Israel has also witnessed significant casualties, with over 1,400 lives claimed by Hamas attacks.

Children Bear the Brunt of Conflict in Gaza

The devastating consequences of the Israel-Hamas conflict have been most acutely felt by the children of Gaza. Disturbingly, Save the Children reports that in just the last three weeks, more children have perished than in an entire year of previous Gaza conflicts.

International Concern Over Hospital Bombings

The situation has further deteriorated as Israel has requested the evacuation of Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza. The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed grave concerns over the increasing frequency of hospital bombings, underscoring the alarming impact on healthcare access and services.

Disruption of Relief Distribution in Gaza

Amid the ongoing hostilities, the distribution of humanitarian relief in Gaza has been severely interrupted, exacerbating the suffering of the local population.


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