Nrs. 132 Million for Jajarkot Earthquake Relief Fund, Led by Bhatbhateni Supermarket Owner

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Jajarkot Earthquake
November 15, 2023

The earthquake that struck Jajarkot on November 3 has prompted a robust response from contributors to the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund, surpassing an impressive Rs 132.23 million in total collections.

Leading the philanthropic charge is Min Bahadur Gurung, the proprietor of Bhatbhateni Supermarket, whose generous donation stands out as the highest among the diverse range of contributors, including individuals, institutions, and organizations.

Noteworthy contributors to the relief efforts include major entities such as Rastriya Banijya Bank, Global IME Bank, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Gorkha Brewery Pvt Ltd, Buddha Air, and Surya Nepal Pvt Ltd, each contributing a commendable one crore rupees.

Political parties also play a role in supporting the cause, with the CPN-Maoist Center and Nepali Congress securing the third position by depositing 50 lakh rupees each into the fund.

Various organizations, including Unified Samajwadi Party, Lumbini Development Fund, Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited, Everest Bank, PADT Mandur Sewa, IGI Prudential Insurance Limited, Halesi Tuwachung Municipality of Khotang, and Air Dynasty, have also made substantial contributions ranging from 25 lakhs to 21 lakh 21 thousand 221 rupees.

IME Limited, IME Life Insurance Company, Kailash Helicopters Service Limited, and Mahalakshmi Bikash Bank collectively contribute significantly to the relief fund.

Furthermore, a list of contributors, including Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City of Sunsari, Nepal SBI Bank Limited, Taragaon Regency Hotel, Begas Recreation Nepal Pvt Ltd, Rewachi International Pvt Ltd, GME Remit Pvt Ltd, Pride Entertainment & Recreation, Mahjong Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Imperial Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Atlantic Recreation Pvt Ltd, Belize Nepal Pvt Ltd, Altitude Air Pvt. Ltd., Muktinath Darshan Pvt. Ltd., and KNP Japan Pvt. Ltd., has demonstrated solidarity by depositing five lakhs each in the fund.

The collective efforts of these contributors underscore the widespread support and commitment to aiding disaster relief efforts through the Prime Minister’s Fund.


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